Today I’m giving you four reasons to NOT shoot (or fight) the pacing plan: 

  1. Pacing plans give us a logical ordering of skills. If we want kids to end up at the same place at the end of the year, we have to teach sequentially through the skills they need to learn. 
  2. If we’re going to intervene for kids – provide special ed support, intervention, small groups within or outside of the classroom – we need to know where everybody’s at, and a pacing plan is the most logical way to do that. 
  3. It’s an accountability checklist! As a teacher, pacing plans help assure that I haven’t been overteaching certain things or under teaching other things. I’m on target with the skills that kids need to learn today, this week, this month. 
  4. Finally, we have to make sure that the text we’re using – informational text, narrative, text, or other types of texts, are on target, that we have a variety of the different kinds of texts spread across the school year. A pacing plan helps us do just that.

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