My awesome colleague, Linda Farrell (check her out at www.readsters.com!), shared this information from a conference that she attended…and I wanted to share these cool apps for teaching reading with YOU!

First of all, I must admit – I AM BEHIND on getting on the education app train.  I have apps for everything instead of education!  DUH!

So, I’m getting myself in order…and thought you might want to join me!

Here are some apps and their reviews that Linda picked up for us as she attended a session at a recent conference:
LetterSchool lite – free
LetterSchool – $2.99

  • Writing the letters.
  • A good app.  Very engaging for students

Problems are:

  • The sound for the letter x is /z/ as in zylophone
  • Students do not have to name the letter as they trace it.

Sound Sorting by Lakeshore
Beginning Sounds Interactive Game – $0.99

  • Cute graphics.
  • Worth $0.99

Sound Literacy – $24.99

  • Has letters, graphemes, prefixes, suffixes, roots, and bases for spelling words
  • Can be used with virtually any phonics program
  • User-friendly

Spelling City – Free

  • Has a link to the web so you can make your own lists.
  • Has homophones, vocabulary, sentence scrambles, handwriting practice.

Bob Books have two apps:

  • Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic – $2.99
  • Bob Books #2 – Reading Magic – $2.99

Interactive books by Loud Crow:

  • Pop Out! The Tale of Peter Rabbit – $4.99
  • Others by Loud Crow may be good, too, but they weren’t reviewed in the presentation.

Vocab Rootology HD – Greek and Latin Roots and Etymology – $2.99

  • An excellent app for older students.

Have you guys tried any apps that you’d recommend?