As I visit more and more states, the conversation about integrating and switching to the Common Core Standards is at the top of the “to discuss” list. I think it’s exciting that I can be in Indianapolis one day talking about the new standards and in New York the next discussing the same standards. This is definitely a step in the right direction for us as a nation, in my opinion. Kids will have many more options for their futures AND we will be able to truly judge whether students have enough or the right content knowledge to succeed in the college setting. Too many students head to college and take remedial english and remedial math classes in their freshman year – I believe we are about to solve that problem if we can align our teaching with the expectations of the standards.

“It suggests strong support for the validity of the common-core standards, in terms of their applicability to college courses and their importance, and the appropriate level of challenge for students to be successful,” said Michael W. Kirst, a professor emeritus of education at Stanford University who focuses on college-readiness issues and serves on the board of directors of the research group that produced the report.

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