coaching cycle cheatsheet

I’ve been asked no less than 94,583,201 times if I had a little handout of the most important things that coaches should cover during the three phases of coaching.

Until now I said, “We need to make one of those!”

Well, I did.

And here it is.

Read the information below but be sure to download it here and use it every single time you sit down to coach a teacher!  🙂

Phase 1:Pre-Conference
  • Link to principal’s instructional focus
  • What we’ll work on (give options/menu)
  • What style of coaching we’ll do
  • Date
  • Time
  • Where I’ll sit
  • What I’ll take note on/evidence I’ll pick up
  • When we’ll debrief
Phase 2: Execution
  • Observation
  • Demonstration
  • Co-observation
  • Side-by-side
  • Shadow
Phase 3: Debriefing
  • Restate the purpose of the coaching cycle
  • Ask teacher to reflect on the lesson
  • Share evidence/notes
  • Give specific adjustments and to-do
  • Ask teacher to reflect on the notes and to-do
  • Confirm the next step and when you’ll check on it (this is actually Phase 1!)