One of the things that I have to work to get done (and probably should do more joyfully and with pleasure!) is to regularly read research. The funny thing is, when I do read it, I have all kinds of “Aha!” moments; but the thought of reading research just sounds…boooooring. Some people love it! I am not one of those “some people.” Unfortunately.

BUT – I will say, oftentimes once I get started reading something new in the reading research world, I do get excited because the studies and findings do give us clear direction: this works, this does not, keep doing this, stop doing that, tweak this, etc. I love seeing how, with science and studying, the habits and practices of teaching reading change. On THAT, I am a research geek!

So, I wanted to share with you a few “Aha’s!” on teaching writing as it relates to teaching the Common Core Standards in Writing. I read an article and muse on it for a couple of minutes…listen in here and then let me know what you think! This info DEFINITELY changes how we will approach teaching writing from this point on!