In a bold move this month, several states are denying the government’s NCLB requirements, sighting inability to provide service to failing schools. For example, in South Dakota, where if they embrace NCLB’s increased requirements for the new school years, the state department will be unable to provide restructuring support to the schools who would be newly qualified as failing according to the new NCLB standards. In that state, the Superintendent of Instruction has decided to freeze proficiency targets and lower graduation targets for the upcoming school year. South Dakota is risking non-compliance by these actions, but their leaders feel it’s worth the risk but under review as it potentially limits Federal funding.

The state of Idaho has done the same – defy NCLB requirements.

Leaders in these states say that by these drastic moves, they will cause Congress to more swiftly look at reauthorizing and rewriting NCLB – the states are tired of waiting.

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