Hi guys!
We are in the middle of finishing up my latest book and BOY is it exciting!  I’m MOST excited because I feel like I finally know how to teach kids to write.  I mean, IT’S ABOUT TIME I KNEW HOW TO DO THAT!!!!!  I have loved writing this book because I have basically scratched my own itch.  The itch was, “How do I teach kids to write without the kids and I all ripping out our hair?”  And, well, I scratched that itch through the book.  I feel so relieved to have figured out how to teach kids to write in a super simple and do-able way, really!
Part of the fun in getting a new book in teachers’ hands is designing the covers.  So much of producing a book is technical and super ticky-tacky, but the I would love to have you weigh-in on the fun, creative stuff!  Your feedback has helped so much with my last book cover design, so I am coming back to you for more insights!
So…here are the very first  draft ideas of the cover and you see some placeholder images and stuff (Note: we will usually go through 5-20 iterations of a cover, so you’re seeing the very very very very beginning draft 1!).
·        What do you like/not like about the overall theme of the cover?
·        What suggestions do you have about the title and sub-title? 
Just reply back to this email to give me your feedback.
Cover 1
Cover 2
Cover 3
Cover 4
Cover 5