Hi Friends,

We are excited to announce a BRAND NEW Jill Jackson Blog series!


Brand new….never released content!


We are so thankful for all the love & support we have received over the 12+ months.  Our team continue to look for ways to continue Jill’s legacy & bring relief to teachers, coaches, principals and school leadership!

This blog series is very, very simple & direct to the point!  As Jill would have wanted it…

Here is how it works…

  1. Short & direct messages, including encouragement, support, and maybe some Jill Jackson ‘tough love’. (1-3 minute reads, no more than that!)
  2. The email or blog title will tell you who the target audience is for that piece. (teacher, coach, principal, school leadership)
  3. Read it, share it and delete it!
  4. If you like the blog, share it! Share it with your teacher team, your staff or with fellow coaches.  Let’s spread the word, one simple blog at a time!
  5. The first 10 blogs have been added to our website, so you can binge read (and share) them RIGHT NOW at XXXXXX. Or you can wait for them to be released on a weekly basis, and get the ongoing encouragement!

We are excited to launch this new series, and we hope you enjoy it!


The Jill Jackson Team