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So, let me paint the picture: You’re heading out of the door to your next team meeting and you need a way to jump-start the conversation about data after using the same ol’ format for data meetings for years.  It’s getting stale and a bit boring.  You need a way to spark a new conversation or get people thinking outside of the ho-hum data analysis box you’ve been stuck in…


You’re working on your lesson plans for next week and you’re just not feeling it.  It seems like no matter what you do, plan and deliver in the classroom, the scores aren’t changing like you want them to.  You’re exhausted and you’re frustrated…


You’ve attended yet another training about the Common Core and you understand the whys and the whats, but the HOWs have you totally flummoxed.  You’re wondering what your lessons should look like next week as your administrator is coming to observe the Common Core in action, but no one seems to know where to start… Enter…

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The Big Book of Blogs!  Our 2011-2013 Archives at your Fingertips!

Teal Check Mark Image_10.2013Over 315+ pages:

  • Practical, simple, real-life teaching, coaching, leadership how-tos written entirely by Jill (and if you know her writing style, you’ll definitely be entertained while you read!!)
  • The no-nonsense, to-the-point, super-practical advice guide aimed at improving the quality of teaching in every K-12 classroom
  • Your eBook is instantly downloadable – start reading it on your laptop or iPad RIGHT NOW!
  • This is not about teaching philosophies and “my research versus your research” discussions…this is about what works in thousands of classrooms in 20+ states
  • Just press ‘print’ and share an article to jump-start conversation and action at your next staff meeting, team meeting or training
  • Fast-reading articles that give very specific “go and do” directions jump-start you immediately
  • Stop wasting time searching archives and Google for spot-on articles and resources
  • Come back to the no-nonsense source and avoid giving confusing and conflicting messages to staff members and colleagues
  • Many articles include checklists, rubrics and planning templates ready for you to take and use
  • Receive a personal download link to access the eBook within 30 minutes of our receipt of your payment…it’s really a piece of cake!

Teal Check Mark Image_10.2013How-tos, resources and insights on these “hot button” topics:

  • Differentiated instruction
  • Common Core Standards
  • Classroom management
  • Student engagement
  • Coaching through resistance
  • Debriefing teachers
  • Powering up team meetings
  • Insights into commercial reading programs
  • Data analysis
  • K-12 literacy strategies

Teal Check Mark Image_10.2013 Here’s what our faithful readers have said about the articles in the The Big Book of Blogs!

“Once again, you have provided needed information at just the right time -and very straight forward and simplified – in a nut shell – kids need teachers and teachers need kids – it is all about the kids!  Why have we “lost” that concept?  Thank you!!!” – LeeAnn

“I LOVE this, Jill!! You are RIGHT ON!!   You, absolutely, provide the BEST information for educators than anyone else.  Period.  Thank you!” -Terry

“Hi Jill, Can I first say you’re right on the money?  I look forward to reading your future Articles, etc. Thank you so much.” -Holly

“You got me reading with the Wooden quote and then I related to the story of getting ready and the pride we need in being educators. Thanks for the reminder.” -Greg

“This is extremely HELPFUL!!  Love this blog!!” -Chris

“All I can say is IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! LOL  I get so excited when I receive an email from you because I know it will be something very useful.” -Della

“Congrats on a great article…I made copies to give out to all of my special ed teachers at our meeting on thursday….you summed up everything we learned and should focus on this year in the article…..you did good!” -Cindi

“Have loved and shared your last two articles.  The pre-reading article is such a good guide and the article on being lied to really hit  home since we are always trying to solve every problem right now.” -Roger

Teal Check Mark Image_10.2013Just a little peek into some of our most popular blogs included in the Archive:

  • Hitting the Reset Button on Coaching…A Model Conversation
  • Less Than Perfect Results? Investigate the BIG 4!
  • 5 Step Pre-Flight Checklist for Classroom Discussion!
  • 7 Steps for Giving Non-Scary, Action-Filled Teaching Feedback!
  • Busting the “I Could Do That If I Had A Smaller Class” Myth
  • An iPad is the Holy Grail…and other lies I tell myself
  • Question of the Day: How Do I Spice Up My Teaching When I Feel That It’s Gotten a Bit Robotic?


Are you ready to be encouraged, entertained and spurred on in the work that

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The Big Book of Blogs!  Our 2011-2013 Archives at your Fingertips!

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