April 25, 2014 FREE CLASS with Jill!

April 2014 Free Class_final

Pasadena, CA

April 4, 2014

I am so excited that you’ll be joining me on my FREE April call where I’ll teach you how to teach “Theme” in Six Steps!  We know that one of the underpinning skills of the Common Core Standards (and our students’ ability to master those Standards) is to figure out the theme of any piece of text.  While most kids know what theme is, they oftentimes don’t know how to figure it out.  Even more, they confuse theme with plot or summary!

Well, I am going to clear that all up for you on this one call!  I will break down how to teach theme to any student…this is a comprehension booster, if I’ve ever seen one!

So, let’s get started!

Grab your personal log-in information by completing the simple form below and I’ll talk to you on April 25th!  Oh…and I’ll be doing a Q&A at the end of the call so that I can answer all of your questions!