Anchorage School District Trainer of Trainers – Critical Thinking

Anchorage School District Trainer of Trainer’s Materials

Our deepest desire is to get the most practical and the simplest materials into teachers’ hands so that they can streamline the instruction in their classrooms and increase the odds that students will learn the most important content.  We hope that you recognize how IMPORTANT you are in helping us spread the word by bringing this training to your colleagues in your district!  We wish you fantastic success in your training.  Go get ’em!

The Important Legal Stuff:

These documents are for use as you train your fellow Anchorage School District teachers. You are not permitted to transmit these files electronically, alter them in any way or use them to present this material to anyone outside of your school/school district. Thank you for helping us protect the integrity of the materials!

Please note that anyone that you are providing the training to should have a copy of the book, as the book is under copyright and not to be copied and shared.  Books can be purchased by P.O. through or here on our website.

Your Training Materials:

Tell Us About Who You Are Training!

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