One of the things that is hardest on principals, coaches and teachers is the debriefing of an observation!  Even though providing and receiving feedback is so important to our personal and teaching refinement, it’s still tough to do and sometimes tough to take!

I have been using a very simple 6-step process for debriefing teachers whether I’m acting in an evaluator/principal role or as a coach.  I’ve even used this as a peer mentor…and it works like a charm each time!

In this sample debriefing, I’ve scripted for you what a successful debriefing sounds like and then also given you call-out boxes to help you see the anatomy of a successful debriefing!

Here’s a little snip to get you started…click the larger link below and download the full-blown sample for yourself!  Better yet, download it, print it and stick it in your calendar for immediate use!

the anatomy snip

Click here to see the full page and download it for immediate use!