All Hell Has Broken Loose – Article Series

I have decided to write a series of six articles that detail and expose how all hell has broken loose in education with the goal of identifying where we have gone so wrong and what we’re going to do to fix it.

I am certain that the changes that need to be made in education must start from the inside out.  If our government, state boards, district and site leaders were going to get it all right and had all of the answers, we wouldn’t be at this point.

The power to change is right with the most important players in education: The Teachers.

Let there be no mistake: Nothing (absolutely nothing) is more important than a well-skilled, enthusiastic teacher who knows his/her content.  That alone is how we get real results with students.

The rest is just shenanigans….


Article 1: Things Are Weird Right Now

Article 2: The Signs That All Hell Has Broken Loose

Article 3: The Programs and Curriculum are Fatally Flawed

Article 4: Teacher Professional Development and Training is Ridiculously Out of Touch

Article 5: The Focus on Soft Skills Will Be Our Undoing

Article 6: Here’s What You’re Going To Do About It


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