7 steps mathblogStop!  Before you read this blog, have you read my previous blog?  If not, click here to get caught up…this will make much more sense if you do!  🙂

Here are the 7 Steps for Reading Math Textbooks

  1. Read every word – every word has meaning
  2. Slow down – one paragraph could take 5-10 minutes to read and digest!
  3. When comprehension is waning, look at the vocabulary load and ask yourself “Am I understanding each word and technical term?”
  4. Read to find the steps and “what to do” suggestions from the author – these steps are the reason we read the math text!
  5. Approach reading the textbook differently: you don’t “read through it,” you “work through it” – it is a guidebook for a series of operations you complete while reading
  6. Read for details first, then concepts (by the way, this is the exact opposite from how we read in history/social studies!)
  7. Visuals are expensive to product in textbooks, so when you see a chart/graph/image, you know that it’s important – take time to read it, not just scan it!