(If you haven’t read Steps 1-3, pick them up here!) (link to last week’s blog)

Step 4: Clean up the Ideas

Ask yourself:

  • What ideas are repetitions?  (Cross one or more out and/or combine ideas)
  • What are obviously off-target ideas?  (Cross them out)
  • What ideas can be chunked together? (Draw arrows or lines to connected ideas)

Step 5: Look at the Big Picture of Ideas

Ask yourself:

  • Is there a logical connection between multiple ideas that pops out to me?
  • Which one of my ideas has the most details or sub-topics in my brainstorm?
  • Which of my ideas am I most excited about?  Which interest me or are likely to interest my reader?
  • What ideas best respond to the prompt provided?

Step 6: Begin to Determine Which Type of Organizational Structure Would Best Highlight Your Information

  • Cause and Effect
  • Sequential
  • Problem/Solution
  • Comparison
  • Descriptive