Classroom Management is one of the most effective ways to increase student learning. The less time you spend managing behaviors, the more time you have to TEACH!

Here are five things that you can start doing TODAY if you’re struggling with classroom management:

  1. Spend a week taking notes on which time of day the behavior that you really don’t like crops up.
  1. Perfect ONE THING. I like to start with perfecting lining up how kids walk into the classroom. When you get one thing perfected, you’ll have some oomph to get better at other things!
  1. Teach a replacement behavior! This is a big one. If you don’t like a behavior, you must teach an alternate behavior that you do like. If you don’t like how your class is lining up, TEACH them how you want them to line up and then reinforce the new behavior.
  1. STOP complaining about your kids. This is probably the easiest one and it is SO important. I know how easy it is to complain when we are frustrated, but that really does not help you. Make it a point of saying to yourself, ‘I’m in control, I’m the adult, and I’m not going to complain about my kids.’
  1. Start lowering your voice instead of raising your voice. It will automatically take the overall energy down to where you can get things in control.

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