5 Minutes A Day to A Simply Organized Classroom!


I am so excited to share with you my 20 day series on how to simply organize your classroom!

When I first started teaching, I couldn’t get over all of the STUFF I had to keep track of.  Whether it was memos, emails, reports, report cards, late slips, absent notes, lesson plans or grading, my formerly clean and tidy desk was a DISASTER by midday.  And it only piled on by mid-week.  It was like the Bermuda Triangle!

Can you relate?

Well – I’m here to help!

After observing the habits of super successful teachers, I realized that they had something in common: a system.  Their systems for organizing were super simple – and habitual.  So, I started asking around as to how they got organized.

And voila!

20 Days to Your Simply Organized Classroom was born!

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