I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently like this: “We have no money!  How do we take what we have and get better scores next year with our kids?”

Well…you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE these kinds of questions because they speak to the art of teaching – and I love to talk about the art of teaching!  The art of teaching is 100% about the teacher’s performance…what the teacher brings to the table.  It’s as important as the science of teaching (what we teach).

Without the art of teaching, we can fail to plan for energizing kids about a topic, creating multiple opportunities for them to learn a tough concept, adding in extra modeling when we know that they’ve never tried a task before – – all of this takes a skilled teacher!

So, this month I’m giving you audios that are all about the art of teaching…let’s never ever forget how important the teacher is in kids meeting and exceeding benchmark.  AND, let’s commit to continue to improve the art of teaching!  After all, the science of teaching changes based upon reform efforts, legislation and politics, but the art of teaching endures.

Celebrate it!