Well, it’s that time of year…um…HOW ON EARTH IS 2013 OVER? I feel like I was just writing this in 2012. Yikes!!

I don’t set resolutions, but I do look forward to some good things happening for me professionally and personally in 2014! In fact, I’m PLANNING on these things! Here they are…

Professional Goals for 2014:

1. We are looking at starting a whole new Client newsletter that will go out exclusively to our clients working with us – Insider’s tips and short-cuts each month!
2. We will be fully releasing and implementing our Common Core Virtual Modules (they are a huge hit and something super cool!) and then writing our Modules+ this summer
3. Mastermind event with VIPs during the Summer for planning and development…never done this before in this way and I can’t wait!
4. Summer Series PD – virtually and in person…brand-new content and brand-new style
5. Regional Events – at least 2…not sure where yet, not quite sure the topics…any ideas?
6. New Book – My coaching book, “Get Some Guts, Coach!” is released in the first quarter of 2014!
7. Plain Talk 2014 – my most favorite conference…my third year – a highlight each and every time!
8. New Coaching Class and Advanced Coaching Class – we are at capacity with our class and will launch CCSS Coaching Upgrade Advanced Class in early February
9. Add two more consultants to our team for a “full house”!

Personal Goals:
1. Study and master time management – I’m obsessed with discipline in this area…and I’m definitely not quite there yet!
2. Take one tropical vacation
3. Go to Europe…I keep thinking Paris, but I’ve been there before and would love to try somewhere new, but Paris beckons!
4. Stop technology (internet, phone, laptop) at 6:30 p.m. every night (see #1!)
5. Swim at least 4 times per week…I love it and I live in California, so we swim outside all year round!
6. Make a pretty bowl – I’m signed up for my second pottery class!
7. Get caught up on “Scandal” before the next season airs in February!

So, spill it…what are your goals?