I’m so excited to share with you another set of look-fors when you observe in classrooms!  Last week’s List (https://jackson-consulting.com/jills-top-10-teacher-observations) was a hit…so I decided to come back with MORE for you to print and use right away!

Another thought came to mind as I was preparing my notes to share with you…

You could share the things to look for during observations list with your teachers as a starting point on what to look for – this gives them options and choice…both very important when working with adults!  I think that the sum of these two Top 10 lists are really a menu of options for you as you pre-conference and helps you get organized for an observation!

So, without further adieu…here is your second set of 10 Things to Look For During Classroom Observations!

  1. Types of responses (verbal, written, group talk, physical)
  2. Entrance, exit and transition routines
  3. How the teacher checks for understanding and determine whether the content “stuck”
  4. Quality of discussion with student (does the teacher model professional conversations, follow discussion rules, use proper English, complete responses?)
  5. Purposeful scaffolding of instruction when students struggle to “get” a new concept
  6. What percentage of the lesson is teach/model?  What percentage of the lesson is guided practice?  What percentage of the lesson is application?
  7. The arc of the lesson: How the teacher starts and ends, how the teacher links new content to existing knowledge
  8. Quality of teacher academic feedback
  9. Quality of tasks during guided practice and application
  10. Change in language between different parts of the explicit lesson format (“I do”, “we do”, “you do”)

What other resources could I share with you that would make your observation simpler and more powerful?  I’d love to hear from you!