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We have some really exciting news that we wanted to share with all of you. Like totally, really exciting!

As you all know, in 2017, Jill wrote the book How to Coach Teachers to Teach (Almost) Anything. This book was inspired by coaches all over the nation, some of which even helped to develop & edit the book. This book is one of our best sellers largely due to the fact that it is a (in typical Jill Jackson-style) practical guide to instructional coaching.

Some of the coaches that worked alongside Jill during this book writing process have formed an educational support organization of their own known as Edu20/20. Starting this May, Jackson Consulting will be partnering with Edu20/20 to allow us to bring YOU the in-person instructional coaching training you NEED! That’s right – Edu20/20 will be coming to YOU to provide the in-person training, and Jackson Consulting will provide you with the book. It’s really that simple!

If your team, district, or school is interested in bringing this partnership to your district, please reach out to Michael or Courtney (see contact details below).


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For Teachers

Comprehension vs. Critical Thinking | For Teachers

Comprehension vs. Critical Thinking | For Teachers

In the second installment of our comprehension and critical thinking mini-series, I want to discuss recognizing the difference between comprehension and critical thinking. I don't know about you, I've often used these terms interchangeably when really, they're two...

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Guest Blog: The Spring Coaching Dilemma!

Guest Blog: The Spring Coaching Dilemma!

We are so excited to have our partners at Edu20/20 guest blog for us TODAY!  Here are a few ‘nuggets’ to continue those teacher relationships, even when your coaching comes-to-a-grinding-halt!  It’s that wonderful time of the year when the flowers bloom, the pollen...

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For Leaders

I’m So Glad You Dropped In

Telling the truth about teaching… and getting on with life!

Well… that’s me in a nutshell!  I’m Jill Jackson and I’m a teacher who has a great life that I also want to go out and live!

Since 2002, I’ve traveled over 1,250,000 miles and have trained thousands of educators about how to teach reading, plan for interventions and manage the latest education crazes so they don’t lose their marbles.  And throughout all of those miles and time spent with educators, I’ve come to realize this: we are best (and we get the best results) when we keep things simple in the classroom

I know that simple works and I’m practically obsessed with helping you simplify your teaching life. I also know that successful teachers are happy teachers… and I’m totally convinced that all of us teacher-types have to have a life outside of education to be happy in the classroom.

So… let’s say that we get on with the simple part, OK?