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Does a Checklist Really Work? {Behavior Mgmt.}

I am on a quest to figure out how checklists can simplify and improve the quality of our work in schools.  If you haven't read my first two installments of this little series, I suggest you do (they're super quick reads!).  Here's the 1st.  Here's the 2nd. This time I...

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Does a Checklist Really Work? {Team Meetings}

If you didn't read my first post on the power of checklists to manage the teacher/coach/principal workload, then click this to take 10 seconds and get caught up! I am checking out another checklist that I created - what do you think?  What am I missing? Checklist for...

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Help! I need your input ASAP! 🙂

Help! I am writing an upcoming presentation and I really want to make it pop...and I need some real-life intel...from you! This'll take you 30 seconds...A ZILLION THANKS! (PS I am writing next week in the evenings, so if you could complete the survey by Sunday that...

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“We are waiting to get him tested”

"We are waiting to get him tested" is not a teaching strategy. I couldn't resist sharing this image I created a long time is as true today as it was when I created it.  I posted it back then because I had just been to a school visit where every other student...

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