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Professional Development doesn’t have to happen in a vacuum anymore…
and it doesn’t have to be SO BOR-ING!

Believe us, WE are tired of sitting in sleep-inducing sessions, too!

All of our professional development series’ are developed and delivered with these built right in:

  • Lots of explicit teaching of new concepts: teach, instructor model, participant practice and feedback
  • Research-validated and supported practices that are rooted in reality
  • Plenty of “get up and move” – no sitting and stewing all day…we get you active in the content even when you feel like just sitting!
  • Real-talk about what the techniques look like in “real life” classrooms and schools…no perfection-based strategies
  • Time to link the new practices right into your current materials - we aim to make our content not “another thing to do”

We customize all content to your needs and desires, but here are some of our offerings to whet your appetite and will answer the question “So WHAT exactly do they train us on?“.

3-4 Day Training Series

  • Literacy Leadership Seminar…click here to view a sample
  • Advanced Literacy Leadership Seminar
  • Instructional Coaching Seminar…click here to view a sample
  • Advanced Instructional Coaching
  • Leader/Coach Instructional Collaborative
  • Teaching Literacy K-8: The Underpinnings of Research to Practice…click here to view a sample
  • Implementing the Common Core Without Freaking Out and Losing Your Mind

1-2 Day Seminars

  • Increasing the Reach and Intensity in the K-12 Classroom…click here to view a sample
  • Moving from “Fidelity” to “Fidelity Plus” in Program Implementation
  • Classroom Management and the Link to Student Engagement…click here to view a sample
  • Instructional Preparation and Planning: What Happens Before/During/After a Great Lesson
  • Research to Practice Update on Oral Reading Fluency: How to Explicitly Teach, Practice and Monitor Fluency Skills in the K-6 Classroom
  • Comprehension: Bringing the Updated Research to Practice
  • Teaching Vocabulary: Bringing the Updated Research to Practice
  • Essential Literacy Routines and Procedures for Elementary Instructors
  • Strategies for Implementing Response to Intervention in Your School and Classroom
  • Essential Literacy Routines That Boost Content Mastery In Every Content Area

You should know one thing before we move on, though…

Without coaching and on-site work in the trenches with your staff and Leadership Team, our professional development and training is not going to be as powerful as you’d like it to be and need it to be.

In fact, if you’re thinking, “We ought to do a couple of day so of training with these folks!” and you’re not thinking big picture and long-term implementation, thenwe might not be the best fit for you.

We know and have tons and tons of experience with the fact that unless educators can see it, touch it, smell it and talk about it in their own classrooms and schools, professional development is just a one-shot-deal.

After all, teachers don’t lack professional development – just look at the PD line item on your district’ budget!

Teachers and Leaders lack modeling and coaching support in real life.
In fact, that’s where our most powerful work happens…in the classrooms!

Click on the “On Site Technical Assistance” drop-down to find out more about how modeling and coaching can power you up right now.

Oh and one last thing…

Have a specific need that we haven’t mentioned here?

Pick up the phone and talk to us…we’ll gladly incorporate your ideas into your trainings! Our number? (888) 586-4862 ext. 2