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Does a Checklist Really Work? {Behavior Mgmt.}

I am on a quest to figure out how checklists can simplify and improve the quality of our work in schools.  If you haven't read my first two installments of this little series, I suggest you do (they're super quick reads!).  Here's the 1st.  Here's the 2nd. This time I...

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Why Teachers Drop a Skill After Coaching

A very common question that I get from coaches is this: What do I do when a teacher has been coached in a skill and yet when I get back into the classroom, they’ve dropped or stopped using the skill? I think that sometimes coaches take this personally – after all,...

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Sample Script from a Teacher Debriefing

I find that lots of coaches and principals hit the wall when it comes to debriefing teachers.  They struggle to know how to get into it without it seeming evaluative and overall really weird or awkward feeling.  In the end, coaching a teacher and doing a debriefing...

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Planning for 2016

Note: I originally wrote this blog for my weekly subscribers to our list but I thought it might be something that everyone could relate to!  (If you’re not receiving my weekly notes and you think that you might want to check things out, click here) Well – I took last...

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Top 3 Things Successful Principals Won’t Tell You

I am all about learning from the masters – of anything!  I think it’s why I love to watch the Food Network…those chefs make cooking elaborate meals look super simple.  I watch sports and have the nerve to think, “Um…I feel like I couldn’t made that free throw…why...

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A BRAND NEW Descriptive Essay Outline

This is my second installment of how-to outline an informational essay.  Mind-blowingly easy and oh-so-independence-producing for our kids.  If you didn’t read the post on how to outline a Compare and Contrast piece, then click here to get caught up!  Description...

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