Simple, no-nonsense, practical steps for high-results coaching.

September 1, 2015 8:40 a.m. Los Angeles, CA Hi! So, I’ve been thinking about coaching a lot – probably because I’ve been doing a lot of coaching of coaches recently!  While my team and I love this work, we find that so many coaches really struggle to get to the “meat” of coaching.  They’re struggling to organize and execute their job so that they are able to spend most of their time in the classrooms where the action is!  It’s not that folks lack the will to get the job done – in fact, even recently I talked with three coaches who got teary eyed as they detailed how they really want to be effective but they felt like they’ve messed it all up. What I teach these struggling coaches is this: If you can bring a structure to coaching and then let the teachers know what that structure is, you will get the coaching in place and right on track instantaneously!  It’s really a series of simple, no-nonsense, very practical steps that are the difference between a high-results coaching practice and one that struggles. I’ve traveled from Anchorage, Alaska to New York City (and everywhere big and small in between!) training folks on my no-nonsense, practical and POWERFUL “get down to it” approach to coaching teachers.  The universal response to the training has been: OH, NOW I GET IT! While I’d love to come and work with you directly, we have challenges like travel time, scheduling, funding and availability that keep you from getting your hands dirty in this powerful training in the flesh with me! So, what’s a girl to do? Our on-demand system of video classes, resources and guides will give you flexibility as you customize your Instructional Coaching Training! We get to work together in your home, your office, your school… anywhere your laptop or iPad will travel! I answer these questions for you… once and for all… so that you can get to working with your teachers – STAT!

  • How long should I take to “build trust” or “build buy-in” (hint: don’t waste your time on this!)
  • How do I get started coaching a new staff?
  • How do I get started coaching with a staff I’ve worked with before?
  • How do I give feedback without being evaluative?
  • How do I deal with my crabbiest staff members who seem to hate my very existence?
  • What do I do if someone (principal, teacher) asks me for a copy of my coaching notes?
  • What on earth do I take notes on when I’m in a classroom, anyway?
  • How do I get to coaching when I work with a weak administrator?
  • How do I handle giving feedback to a teacher when the lesson absolutely stunk?
  • How do I deal with giving feedback to a teacher who has much more teaching experience than I do?
  • How do I get out of the trap of being everyone’s “errand girl” and get to real coaching?
  • What is the difference between resistance and downright un-coachable?
  • How do I fix it when I royally botched a debriefing with a teacher?

Our coaching work together will be about building YOUR COACHING SKILL.  We won’t debate coaching philosophies or gab about coaching in a perfect world.  We’ll deal with the reality of coaching real teachers in real schools and the skills that YOU need to be successful!

Here’s the scoop on the Instructional Coaching Modules that I’ve created for you…

Who should invest in this training?

Instructional Coaches
Instructional Facilitators
Mentor Teachers
Team Leaders
Master Teachers
Anyone who supports teachers in improving the quality of their teaching

What are the components of the five coaching modules?


Module 1: Getting Organized in the Coaching Role (1:12:19 running time)

  • How classroom management, student engagement, preparation and planning and delivery of instruction are the base of every coaching conversation
  • What is technical, instructional coaching?
  • Setting the stage for coaching
  • Creating a problem of practice
  • How do I get a starting place to open coaching?

Module 2: Mastering the Coaching Cycle (1:15:54 running time)

  • The three-phases of coaching
  • The five styles of coaching
  • How true coaching trumps traditional professional development

Module 3: Mastering the Art of Providing Feedback (1:04:42 running time)

  • Reflecting on my observation/demonstration
  • The Anatomy of an Instructional Conversation that results in ACTION
  • Important coaching questions for each phase of implementation

Module 4: Getting Clear on What to Look For During Observations (1:12:20 running time)

  • Linking your Problem of Practice to your observations – creating focus
  • Embracing the Controllables and avoiding the Uncontrollables
  • Pebbles of evidence, boulders of evidence
  • Nailing down the components of excellent instruction and how it shapes our observation

Module 5: Working Through Resistance as a Coach (1:09:07 running time)

  • 12 tips for living through resistance
  • Four types of colleagues and how to work with them
  • Assertive interventions and coaching
  • Keep going back…

That’s over 4 ½ HOURS OF TRAINING!

What do I get in each Module?

  • Your private link and password to your on-demand video class and resources
  • Full-page Power Point for all slides
  • Instructional Coach Module Resource Guide

Here’s a sneak peek…

Instructional Coaching Suite – All FIVE Modules! $127

Purchase orders accepted!  Email your purchase order to or fax directly to (888) 586-4862 and press ‘send’ on your fax machine when you hear the greeting.  Thank you so much!

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